Our Products.

Building Materials Electrical Items & Plumbing Items
Access Covers Wooden Doors (Standard) Galvanized Iron Binding Wire Feeder Pillar
Cast Iron Manhole Covers Wooden Door (Fire Rated) Black Annealed Binding Wire Panel Boards
Cast Iron Gully Gratings Roller Shutters Armour Wire Cables
Ductile Iron Manhole Covers Hollow Steel Doors Razor Wire Wires
Ductile Iron Gratings Blast Door Barbered Wire Socket Switches
Composite Manhole Covers Polythene Sheets Fiber Glass Mesh Isolators
Composite Gratings Lead Sheet Fence Distribution Board
Galvanized iron Step Colour Pigments Welded Wire Mesh Earth Rods
PVC Coated Step Bulk Cement Steel Gratings Charcoal
Drainage Systems Wheel Barrow Waterproofing Membrane Street Light Poles
Commercial Plywood Ceramic Tiles GRP Products Decorative Poles
Film Faced Plywood Vitrified Tiles Irrigation Materials Flag Poles
Flexcell Sheets Marbles Traffic Accessories Bentonite Powder
Baffle Curtain Granites Road Marking Paint Water Heaters
Red Wood Geotextiles Guard Rails Aluminum Conductors
White Wood Geogrid Bearing Pad Bollards
Red Meranti Steel Starp Expansion Joints Electrical Accessories
Hession Cloth

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