Urich Motor Control Center.

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  Urich Motor control Centres are suitable for power up to 4000A,415V,50Hz.

  We use type tested enclosure system to make a tailor made solution for customer requirements.Depending upon the customer requirement we make Drawout or Plug-in type or fixed type units. system.The cable entry may be from top or bottom.

  The outgoing cables should be front access or rear access. The drawout system is constructed with cassettes minimizing operational downtime and high degree of safety.

  Our MCC panels utilizes tested and type approved enclosures and switchgear components like ASTA or KEMA etc,wherever required.The withdrawable module sliding on rails with automatic isolation of power and control contacts with movement of module.

  Our Intelligent Motor Control Centres utilses intelligent protection control units which can integrate system data suitable for use by PLC,DCS OR SCADA system.

  Display of various parameters are on the panel.

  Urich Motor Control Centres are designed and manufactured to meet the complex power and process control requirements.Urich M C C panesl are robust in construction ,highly reliable requires low and easy maintenance and safe operation.

Rating : 4000A at 415 V,50Hz. Incomer : ACB or MCCB Outgoings : ACBs or MCCBs with starters or VFDs Or Soft starters. Along with necessary additional components. Metering : Ammeter,Voltmeter,Kwh meter or other sophisticated Electronic Power Analyzer. Construction : Form 2,3,4 design with fixed or withdrawable mechanism. Busbar : High conductivity hard drawn electrolytically tinned copper Busbars, colour coded and sleeved, busbar supports are of glass reinforced polyster material fire retardant grade.

Fault level withstand 50 kA RMS max.


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